St. Richard Parish


Church Interior-0247

February 18-19, 2017

…the last payment, March 9, 2017 Congratulations! And, Thank You! Gratitude and thanks to one-and-all for your faithful stewardship in prayer, ministry and financial support. Because of your vision, commitment and support we have a beautifully renovated church, serving the spiritual and sacramental needs of our parishioners and all who gather with us to “worship in spirit and truth” ( John 4:24), at Jesus teaches us. Our loan from the Archdiocese for $545,374 was projected over 120 months, with monthly payments of $6,616.89, due and payable at the beginning of the month. The projected maturity date for our loan was February 1, 2019. By God’s Grace, with lower than anticipated interest rates in recent years, our loan will be redeemed two years early. The last payment, coming from our Debt Reduction Collection throughout the month of February, will be on March 9, 2017. Thanks be to God!

Church Interior-strnew01_c

Thanks to everyone for being such good stewards of this loan debt reduction effort. We have been enjoying the much needed renovations to our church for the past eight years. Thank you for your continued efforts in returning to Jesus a portion of what he has given us.