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Faith Direct is an easy and convenient way to make all of your contributions to St. Richard, both offertory and secondary collections. Click here to enroll. (Enrollment Code = MO58)

Debt Reduction Update
Renovation Debt Reduction
Please click here for an update on the debt reduction progress.

Committee/Ministry Chairpersons
Please check the front of the guide book; let us know if your info needs to be updated. ALL PARISHIONERS Please check your phone #. Update by notifying the office, 432-6224 ex.222 or Nancy at 432-6188 Thank you!!

Men, Women, Teens…
We are in need of two more ushers for our 11am Mass. If you can help out, please contact: Doug at: 993-2916 Or Larry at: 429-7500

Sunday, June 14th | Sunday, June 28th
We want to hear from you, ways our parish can minister to you. Please consider attending one of our listening sessions.
Sunday, June 14th - 10:30am @ Holy Spirit Parish Hall
Sunday, June 28th - 9am @ St Richard - O’Brien Hall

4th of July Ice Cream Social
June 30 | 7PM | OBH
The St Richard Ladies' Club invites all the ladies of the parish to join us for ice cream with all the fixings" We will also discuss the future Ladies Club events and how you can get involved! This is a FREE event! To reserve a spot, please call Peggy Thomeczek at 997-6445 by Friday, June 26th.

Volunteers To Help Water
St. Richard Garden Club
It is that time of year when the bushes and flowers are blooming! And thanks to the Garden Club and our Maintenance Crew, who removed & trimmed some bushes, the church grounds are lovely! In order to keep all the plants healthy & beautiful we are in need of Volunteers To Help Water. This entails being on a two person watering team and coming to Church to water twice a month, during the warm summer months.You do not have to be a gardener - just love the outdoors and keeping the grounds looking fresh. If you have questions or want to help, contact Carol at 330-3947 See you in the garden!

St. Richard Gift Card/Certificate Program
The GCP is a substantial fund raiser that benefits the parish. Learn more about the program and how you can participate.

GIFT CARD SALES May 25-31, 2015
Amount of Sales: $5175.00
Number of Families: 22
Gross Profit: $258.55
For a complete listing of GLS cards, go here  

Summer Sabbath

In the Judeo-Christian tradition, the idea of the Sabbath is central. The Jewish tradition in which Jesus grew up taught that the Sabbath is a time of rest and reward. The Sabbath is rooted in the seventh day of creation, when God did three things: God rested, blessed and made time holy. It was on the seventh day that God rested in the wonder of creation.

This is a Sabbath time for us. It is a time to stop and savor life in the summer sun. Let us use this sacred summer time to pause and acknowledge the good things in our lives and our lavish, wondrous Creator. In the Sabbath time we care for the seed of eternity planted deep in our souls. We make time holy, letting the fertile ground of our lives lie fallow. Unless we are willing to be still, to withdraw from our busy-ness, to rest in the Sabbath teaches us, we lose our very selves.

May we be aware of God’s presence along our way, helping us to discover the peace and rest some have lost or never known, renewing our covenant of peace with all created things.

St. Richard Prayer